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If you qualify for $10k-$20k loan forgiveness, you should apply for it. This is a great resource that became available today! I hope this inspires a lot of people to start thinking about their finances and that you don’t need to borrow money to achieve your goals (for the most part!). It all comes down to living below your means and tracking your expenses but anyway…

Bottom line is that the student loan forgiveness will give people a jump start to getting rid of debt. Or it may not. You see, the problem is that financing, buy now-pay later, no payment down programs, loans, credit cards and any other “term” you can think of, is how people buy things nowadays.

As far as student loans… the end, it is a business. For a business to be successful it must have a profit. At your expense. To truly solve the student loan crisis we must get to the bottom of the issue. That is why, how and when should a person get a student loan. It could have been easy for me to take out a $200,000 student loan to major in hospitality, but would I have learned anything? Working 50 hours a week in a restaurant since I was 17 gave me another form of education.

It is ironic that the same day student loan forgiveness was forgiven, thousands of new students signed papers to borrow money for education…. While I am very happy a lot of people will get a jump start, I am afraid that the true problem of student loan crisis is not solved. So how do we solve it?

We should normalize other things after high school besides getting a student loan and going to college to party. The first and foremost is basic personal finance education. Learning how to live below your means and how a budget works. Saving money through hard work and mentality of paying things upfront. Applying for grants, scholarships and exhaust all resources before considering student loans. It is possible. You can do it. There are ways. Get creative!

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