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Goal setting

As the New Year gets closer, a lot of people start thinking about New Year resolutions. The New Year gives people hope. Hope that it will be the best year yet! I am a big believer in setting goals. Not only financial goals but also health goals, relationship goals and personal goals. But how many people actually stick with them all the way to December?

You see, the truth is that majority of goals or New Year resolutions are forgotten by springtime. We tend to get really fired up but then life gets in the way, and we go back to our old ways. Maybe there is one or two goals that we stick with but what about the rest?

The most important thing with goal setting is to write it down. Ask yourself why you are setting that specific goal. Your why will be the motivation to keep you going. Lastly, make the goal measurable and specific. If it’s to pay off debt, by what date? How much weekly does that come out to? What order will the debt be paid off in? Keeping track of progress is very important!

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