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The monthly payment on iPhone 13?

As everyone knows, September is when Apple releases its newest models of iPhones. Millions of people around the world buy the latest models every year. It is no surprise since Apple has built many amazing products. Personally, I love Apple products and own a few of them myself.

The monthly payment program has also been popular. For two years, you make small payments of $40-$60 a month. Alternatively, you can trade-in your current phone for a smaller monthly payment. Additionally, they offer an upgrade program. You can see that the goal is to get you to buy.

If you are debt-free and want to buy a new phone, I believe you should do so. It's just a matter of paying for it in full. Older models are also much cheaper. Plan ahead and include the amount you need to save in your sinking fund. No monthly payments! They become irritating and annoying. Trust me, my wife and I had them for 2 years. No fun!

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